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At Briones Dressage we are the number one Horse Training School in Ecuador, we give the best equestrian education in the country   we also offer you an excellent selection of HIGH QUALITY DRESSAGE HORSES at all levels, including FEI horses.


We have satisfied customers around the world and many of our horses are doing well with their new owners and have great show records .


DESCRIPTION OF OUR HORSES: Light, well trained, calm, high quality, beautiful, simple, safe and easy to ride .


One of our goals is to provide news, photo and video reports from around the world on dressage people and day-to-day advice from people involved in the life of horse riding.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of services to the dressage community around the world.


Our articles are innovative and, we hope, they will inform and entertain the community of all who love dressage.


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